CAT# CT-28
$8.50 each
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Instant diagnosis of 4-pair, twisted-pair and coaxial cables for continuity, opens, shorts, reversed, transposed and split pairs. Detachable remote unit for installed cabling. For cables with RJ-45 or coaxial BNC connectors. Requires 9 Volt battery.
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Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Abingdon, MD
Great value, but two and three pair wires need ada
This cable tester is a superbe value, especially if all you want to check is 4-pair wire with RJ-45 modular plugs. However, most of my applications are for 3-pair / six wire cable with RJ-12 plugs. The RJ-12 plug fits in the tester's RJ-45 socket fine, but diagnosis is a false negative, because the actual wire pairs are not connected to the correct pins in the tester. The solution was to tediously make a couple 6-to-8 adaptors, so that the pairs lined up correctly (and the fourth pair indicator light will not light). Also two female-to-female couplers were needed on the six wire plugs - adding another source of malfunction. This was frustrating and took a couple hours to figure it all out, but now I am quite satisfied with this product, #CT-28

A customer from VALLEY SPGS, CA US
Great RJ-45 cable tester.
I use RJ-45 connectors for my tortoise switch machines on my model railroad. I make up my own custom length cables and usually use flat cat5e cable. Since the switch machine uses 8 conductors the cat5 wire is perfect. I was testing the cables one pin at a time before I bought this tester, what a time saver this is. Great product and the price is excellent. PS. the instructions are a great lesson in language translation, comical to read anyway.

A customer from Boston, Ma
This is Simple, Inexpensive, And Works Great !
I do Cat 5 installs for a living. This is the best I found for quick initial pin/wiring checks ! (Honestly, that is usually good enough). I like the pin-out diagrams on the cover, with some room for small notes too. This tester is quick & simple. Similar Items are around $75.00. For this Price, you can afford to loose or break a few.

A customer from BROOKLYN, NY USA
Great deal
On the photo, I wasn't able to see that the two halves of the tester fit together with a dovetail. It allows me to split the tester and test cable runs to outlet plates, connecting the tester to the plate with a known good cable. For the money, this is a great deal and time-saver.

A customer from DOWNERS GROVE, IL US
Lan cable tester
The pictures shows something different than what I got in the mail, It's better. Don't know if All Electroincs made a mistake, But, "thank you".
They should update the picture to the one that i got. You would be saleing allot more. This item isn't in the test section, it should be. I always wanted to make one of these things. But for the price you can't bet it. Used it the day I opened the box. I run my own cable through the house. Thanks again.