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Product Description
Large, two digit counter assembly. Advances one digit at a time, from 0 to 99 each time button is pushed (ideally to be used with any of our SPST normally-open momentary pushbuttons). Each digit is 2.75" high and consists of 21 red 5mm LEDs. 5" x 4.18" black display board connected to 4.25" x 2" controller board. Five 4" pigtail wires, 24AWG stranded. Requires 9 Vac power (we recommend our CAT# ACTX-940) and two momentary pushbutton switches.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Great Value

Reviewer: from Goleta, CA

Finally found a ac transformer at a swap meet for 1.00 It is a 6 volt at 300ma seems to work fine my AC input says 1.7 watt and all led,s are lit 6 volt at 300 ma is 1.8 watts

LED's are bright at 6 volts AC

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Very Bright! Will not reset to 00!

Reviewer: from Bridgeton, NJ

The display is very bright with a 9 VAC 1 Amp power supply. The schematic that came with it shows that it need two buttons, one for counting up and one for reset. I can not get the reset function to work! It even keeps its memory when unplugged. Other than not being able to reset it its a great little display board

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