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Large, two digit counter assembly. Advances one digit at a time, from 0 to 99 each time button is pushed. Each digit is 2.75" high and consists of 21 red 5mm LEDs. 5" x 4.18" black display board connected to 4.25" x 2" controller board. Five 4" pigtail wires. Included is a 9 Vdc power supply and a momentary, normally-open pushbutton switch.

Reset Modification:
As it stands, the counter is not resettable. However, thanks to one of our customers, we have a modification to make it resettable. This requires a few extra parts listed with our spec/instruction sheet. To purcase a set of these parts, see our CAT# MOD-92.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Customer Reviews 5 out of 5 stars(2 Reviews)

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Some tips and observations 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from 91710

I bought two of these units for a side-by-side basketball game. I'm using the THROUGH-BEAM PHOTO-ELECTRIC SENSOR PAIR
CAT # OSU-1130 to trigger the counters.
This is a really nice counter. The hex Schmidt on board makes it count very reliably.
I found that using only one red wire when powered by direct current caused the associated diode to get very hot so I recommend either hooking up both red wires to your power source or, if your soldering iron is still handy from doing the reset button modification, just bridge the pads where the red wires attach to the board and remove the surplus wire. Also, if you modify for the reset button, it is MUCH easier to attach the wires to the bridged pins 14 & 15 on the component side of the board. Just set your tinned wire in the solder glob that is already between the two pins on each of the 4033 ICs and solder in place. I also found that although the board can operate at 12Vdc all the transistors, resistors, and LEDs get pretty toasty. It probably wouldn't be long before the magic smoke leaked out of something. What brought this to my attention was that segment "C" of one of my counters would shut off randomly while powered by 12Vdc. When I investigated the problem I had noticed everything was hot.
I removed the 12Vdc supply and replaced it with the 9Vdc that came with the units. I then ran the counter up to "11" so that only segments "B, C, b, & c" were illuminated then let it run awhile. Nothing got hot but the same segment "C" flickered off and back on occasionally (never while I was trying to photograph the event though!) I'll reflow the solder on Q1 and if that doesn't fix it I'll replace Q1.

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Nice little counter 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Central MA, USA

This is a neat little counter to have in your bin if you like gadgets. The diffused LEDs are surprisingly bright when viewed head-on at 9v, and they will dim as the voltage is reduced until around 6v when individual LEDs in the segments start to go out. The decimal point is always lit. It reminds me of (and could have been for) the counter at the deli where you would take a number and wait to be called. As stated the counter will not reset, even with the power removed. The ICs are a pair of HF4033BE, and a CD40106B.

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