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LM2596S Step-Down DC voltage regulator (buck driver). Input: 4-40V. Output: 1.25-37V adjustable, 1.5A continuous current. 3A max. 1.95" x 0.96" x 0.5". Mounting holes.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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DCC-3 and PM-233

Reviewer: from Cololrado

With these 2 items, a wall wart, and a small utility box, you can easily build a variable voltage supply which can replace all those batteries in portable radios, etc. Also nice to be able to read both voltage and current without fumbling for test equipment.

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Makes a great solar charge regulator.

Reviewer: from GARFIELD, NJ USA

This regulator can be used for solar powered battery charging. Just connect your solar panel to the input, then adjust the output voltage to 13.7 volts. Now you can charge a 12 volt Sealed lead-acid battery without fear of over charging.
These buck regulators have a neat feature - they put out more current than is drawn at the input!

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great - here's a modification

Reviewer: from MONTESANO, WA USA

You can unsolder and remove the onboard pot and wire in a 10K linear pot if you want to be able to adjust the voltage from a front panel!

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Very useful, cool and efficient

Reviewer: from Toronto, Canada

I agree with all the other comments. Install the 10k replacement front panel pot for added usefulness.

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