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Product Description
MAC-BMC P/N 12570-3.
Powerful brushless motor with built-in 30A motor speed controller. Designed for electric scooters. Great low-end torque. Requires 5K Ohm potentiometer or Hall-effect throttle to interface with speed control. Great motor for battlebots, hobbyists and experimenters.

• No-load Specs:
     2480 RPM @ 24.6 VDC, 3A
     100 kV
• Motor dimensions: 5.0" diameter x 3.2"
• Shaft: 0.48" diameter x 0.95" long
• 11" power cable - mates with 2-pin connectors like our CAT# CON-319
• 11" cable to motor speed control - 3-pin Molex type connector
• CCW - counter-clockwise rotation
• 3-bolt mounting pattern.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Customer Reviews 4 out of 5 stars(8 Reviews)

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Brutal torque in a small package. A ScooterFaster review. 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Phoenix AZ

I love these motors!
Long ago I built Currie full suspension scooters using two of these motors with independent throttles. Very fun and quick.
These were originally designed to use a 15 tooth #25 chain sprocket with a one-way roller clutch turning on the hardened shaft.
While only one version is available here, the price is awesome. I paid $200 each ($800 per case) for these motors in 2003.
Other versions included 12mm hardened shaft, 10mm stepped down to 8mm 'D' shaft for use with a roll pin retained 12mm hardened roller bearing sprocket.
As well as Hi-col and Lo-col versions which were 2900RPM and 2450RPM.
Clockwise and CCW versions as well.
Note that this motor will produce VERY strong braking on deceleration if you do not install a roller clutch to provide freewheeling.
Hookup is simple, 24V + to red wire with 40 amp fuse, 24V - to black wire, and a 5k potentiometer throttle to the three wire connector.
A standard china scooter hall effect throttle will NOT work! Magura 5k throttle or any 5k pot is the best. Curtis makes pedal assemblies as well.

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Easy to use, all-in-one solution 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Hampton Bays, NY

Still looking for more detailed specs, but easy to setup. A 5k pot for speed control and two 12V Pb-acid sealed batteries in series for power. Draws less than an Amp with no shaft load over a wide range or continuously variable speed. Jumps a bit when it first starts up , would advise a shock absorbing shaft coupler. Only rotates in one direction (CCW looking at the shaft end).

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Sharp Protruding capacitors terminal ends penetrate to the negative wire and short. 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Las Vegas nevada

I love these motors and was super excited to see some stock but the one I ordered about 6 months ago I just got hooked up and the pos neg wires coming from the motor had some tight fit routing.
This wasn't a big deal except for the fact that there are 3 35 volt capacitors soldered onto the positive wire and shrink wrapped together with the pos and neg wires.
When they soldered these on they left all the terminal material there and wrapped is around the wires instead of clipping off excess and those sharp suckers can and will poke the negative or cause a short among them selves.
I'm ordering another2 and ill report if they also have the same shoddy workmanship.

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stout motor 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Sonoma CA

The capacitors mentioned in the other review are problematic. They are (3) 1000uF 35V Nichicon VR series (about $1 each) across the positive and negative input wires with tiny pieces of cheap vinyl electrical tape over their leads, then a big piece of shrink tube. They are not sealed but this makes it easy to replace them. I am going to substitute in single long life 4700 uF cap and seal everything with inner melt heat shrink before using this motor to power my little HF drill press, fed by a Vicor front end and 1000W DCDC converter. I'll use 2:1 pulley for 5k rpm top speed but decent torque at slow speed, and variable with a 10 turn 5k pot and emergency stop button.

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Impressive motor! Some minor issues 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Maine

I purchased this motor with the 650 W DC power supply (CAT # PS-24655) and used it to upgrade the motor on my Harbor Freight mini mill. Here's a link to my YouTube video about this project: https://youtu.be/ndhsCeuEv-4
It's really great that all the electronics are embedded inside and all you need to do is hook up a speed pot and the stop button. When you hit the stop button - and it stops dead right away and holds position until you turn down the knob or disconnect the power. The only way to start or restart this motor is to turn the speed knob all the way down and then bring it up slowly. Sometimes when I'm fiddling with the speed knob the motor shuts off and will not operate for up to 10 seconds and I don't know why this happens. I'm guessing it some kind of protection for the electric scooters it was designed for originally, but it always recovers eventually. It does make weird noises at the low end kind of a growling cogging sound, and then it really screams when it goes all the way up to 5000+ RPM. The big advantage of a brushless DC motor like this is the power at the low end and that's great on my mini mill.

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