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Product Description
Powerful right-angle, worm-gear drive motor. The final drive mechanism rotates inside of the housing on the front of the motor and requires a 4mm square shaft. Motor body is 2.5" x 2.1" x 5.5" long including gear head. Mounting flange at gear end of motor has two holes on 2.25" centers. Power terminals are inside a plastic connector body on one corner of the motor.

No load specs:
590 RPM @ 12Vdc, 2.8A
280 RPM @ 6Vdc, 1.6A

WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Ford Expedition seat motor?

Reviewer: from MENLO PARK, CA USA

This looks like a power seat motor. The marking says "U222," which is Ford's code for the 2003-2006 Expedition. But then the marking also says "MY2007," so it's unclear which years it actually fits in.

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pretty heavy, 480 rpm no-load

Reviewer: from SAN JOSE, CA USA

Surprisingly heavy motor for the price. It needs a 4mm square drive shaft which seems a little unusual. This particular model is also called "Daewoo Automotive Power Seat Gear-head Motor 12 VDC" and is apparently intended for a power seat on a Ford Explorer. My copy draws 3.1 A at 12V with no load, and I guess it's a brushed motor judging from the ozone smell. It will just start turning at 1.0 Volt and 0.8 A and I measured 2V: 62 rpm, 6V: 252 rpm, 12V: 480 rpm, all at no load.

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is the motor reversible?

Reviewer: from FAIRFAX, VA US

is it reversible? Thanks!

All Electronics Reply: Yes

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Approx RPM

Reviewer: from Idaho

I don't have the item but wanted to see if it was fast enough for my needs.

I slowed down the video and counted the number of points passing in a 5 second time period.
My math is here so anyone interested can verify...
I slowed video to 1/4 speed.
I counted 28 points of the shaft in a 5 second (based on video clock, not wall clock) time period.
28 points /5 seconds gives 5.6 points per second (let's round it to 6 RPS for simplicity
There are 6 points on the shaft so
5.6 points revolving per second / 6 points = .93 RPS
.93 RPS = 56 RPM

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