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Ametek® Pittman® # GM9234E992-R1. 5.9:1 ratio gear motor with 9" worm gear. Rated 24Vdc, the motor works well down to 6Vdc. Motor dimensions: 2.0" diameter (gear box) x 3.7" long. 9" long threaded shaft, with 8" of usable travel. 3/8" diameter. 1/8" pitch. No-load ratings: 530 RPM @ 12Vdc, 130mA. 17" red/black leads. Note: We originally sold this motor with a Nylon drive sleeve for $27.95. We have no more drive sleeves, but if you can find or fabricate one, it's a great device for linear motion.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Leadscrew Details?

Reviewer: from ATL, GA USA

Diameter? Pitch? Number of starts? Thread form?

AEC: We've updated the description a bit and added a second picture. Hope this helps!

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