CAT# DCM-705
$7.00 each
10 or more $6.50 each
FAULHABER #1624 motor, 16/5 (22:1) gearhead. Swiss-made precision gear motor. Small, powerful-for-its-size, very-low current. No-load Ratings: 320 RPM @ 12Vdc/ 2.5mA. 545 RPM @ 20Vdc / 3.9mA. 17mm diameter x 40mm long overall. 2mm diameter x 10mm shaft with attached 11.7mm diameter pulley for round, 2mm belt. Motor face has 4 tapped mounting holes. Two wire leads, 45mm. Used, removed from equipment in good condition.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Enfield, CT USA
Strong and Quiet Gearmotor
Great little gearmotor with high quality construction. Can use inexpensive hardware store O-rings to drive my components.

A customer from ALPINE, UT USA
Great lettle motor
However the shaft size is 4mm not 2mm which for me is much better. Pulley is soldered on but can be removed by grinding the end a little and then use a punch to knock the pulley off the shaft.

A customer from NEW ULM, MN USA
Efficient little things!
I was really pleasantly surprised when i attached one of these to a 12 volt supply, to discover no load was coming in at a mere 1.8 mA, and stall current is only about 145 mA. That no load is so low, I may try a second meter tomorrow! Amazing. I did get one motor with a clearly bent shaft however. The risks of surplus. I'll still use it for something. maybe mount a robot "head" with it or something light duty.

A customer from Cheyenne, WY
nice little motors!
resistance is approx. 75 ohms. I am able to run these using 4v 20ma solar cells