$2.85 each
100 or more $2.10 each
9 Vdc 300 ma. Terminates with a 1.3 mm co-ax plug. Center positive.

A Note on Wall Transformers: A.C. and D.C. Wall Transformers are not regulated unless otherwise stated. They provide a specified voltage at a specified load. If the load is lower than specified, the voltage will be higher then specified. With a higher load, the voltage will drop below that specified. For example, a 12 volt 500 ma. wall transformer may read 20 volts with no load or 9 Volts with a 600 ma. load.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from NEWBERRY, SC USA
Works as it is supposed to!
It amazes me how, nowadays, so many people buy something without reading the product description,
or without understanding how the item works to begin with, and then they slam the product with a bad review. Grow up and take responsibility for your own shortcomings instead of placing blame elsewhere!! This item performs exactly as described in the listing!

A customer from Mid Hudson Valley NY
9 Vdc Power cubes
I rate thiis 9vDC unregulated 300 MA power cube 5 stars. i have purchased hundreds of these power cubes. I do not understand why someone would complain about these power cubes being unregulated, They are sold as unregulated and All Electronics even stated that the rated voltage is attained when the load presented to the power cube is at the rated current. I buy enough to get free shipping from the west coast to New York.

A customer from HILLIARD, OH USA
Works but is un-regulated. I confirm the output is 14V but, I find them cheap and reliable unless you do something dumb like shorting them for periods of time. :) - ML