CAT# DK-91
$12.00 each
Assortment of accessories for polishing, drilling, grinding, cutting. Includes sanding drums, sanding disks, flap wheels, polishing wheels, cutting tools, wire wheels, drills and other accessories with 1/8" shank. Convenient wood storage/ carry case.
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Average Customer Review:  (7 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from USA
good deal
This is an awesome deal for $10.50. If you were to buy Dremal bits, a set this size would cost around a hundred dollars. I would actually give the craftmanship around a 4. Like the other reviewer, I had a bit detatch itself from the shaft. But, you can't beat the price.

A customer from Kaysville, UT. USA
AGreat Value, Beautiful wood case, But...
This set, made in China, represents a great value for many rototool owners. It would be best suited to those rotos of relatively low power such as 12V and those with integral rechargeable batteries, because the tools are fairly delicate and a 120 V instrument of 2 or more A. is likely to separate the tool from its shaft under load.

A customer from www.CaseModGod.com
Great value... for what you get.
Some of the bits may not be awesome but they are all entirely usable, the price of the ripsaw blade and shank alone more than covers the cost of the entire set. I feel that I got more than I paid for and it's money well spent IMO.

A customer from Seattle, WA
Don't pass this up.
While the box is hardly excellent, it's surprisingly good. But, it's the contents that count. Buy this collection. The 3 mandrels & diamond coated tools are worth the price alone. Everything else is a bonus, especially the reinforced cut off wheels. True, some of the stones are wobblers, but for the price you can true them or discard them. Highly recommended.

A customer from Houston, TX
.and many to spare!
WOW!! The wood box is excellent! But, the parts are a knock-out!! Some pats are out of place, due to shipping, but ok. Grinder section are "professional". The burr heads and wire wheels are top quality! Good Christmas gifts!