$5.50 each
12 Vdc motor-drive actuator for automotive door locks. Nylon plunger moves 0.75". Push or pull, depending on polarity. Includes mounting hardware, metal strap and a 9.5" metal extension rod which fits through the hole in the end of the plunger. Overall dimensions of actuator assembly (retracted): 5.50" x 2.45" x 1.25". Rubber boot protects against moisture and dust. Pigtail leads.
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Average Customer Review:  (46 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from TEHACHAPI, CA US
Great deal
I bought this actuator to replace the rear hatch actuator for my 2001 Ford Escape rear hatch/glass door. Ford dealer wanted over $200 because you have to buy the whole interior assembly. If they replace it, another $100+. I had to drill one hole, hook up the wires--green to striped, and find a lock nut and screw to fit the plunger end.
This may not be the highest quality device and does get warm if voltage is applied longer than necessary. It probably does not have brushes as someone stated--probably permanent magnet, but still can be burnt up if overused.
I'm real happy--good price--fast shipping--working great.

A customer from DENVER, CO US
Rear Door Actuator
The rear hatch lock actuator stopped working on my 2001 Ford Escape ( same problem as the previous reviewer stated )... took apart old assembly.... Drilled 1 hole for new actuator..... used old top assembly and put on new part...put back together and 2 minutes worth for wiring.... wala.... 30 minute job.... thx

A customer from SHALLOWATER, TX US
1999 F250 Super Duty Actuator Replacement
These parts absolutely rock. They worked fantastically well as aftermarket fixes for my 1999 F250 Super Duty actuators. Although I didn't *replace* the failed actuators with this, I did simply install these and tie them inline with the existing rods and it worked like a charm. These parts are a fraction of the cost of the Ford replacement part, and quite frankly removing the failed part and reinstalling on my Super Duty would be a real pain in the posterior. It's quite a chore to get the Ford parts out as they are attached to the door latch. Just use these after market parts and tie into the existing rods and you'll have a terrific solution, very powerful actuators and have saved literally $100 on parts (four doors).

I cannot say how pleased I am with the parts, the price, the prompt delivery. You have a return customer when my needs turn to the type of parts you supply.

A customer from Portland, OR
Loads of fun!
I once found one of these laying around. I hooked up four rectifiers, a capacitor and a flashlight bulb to make a little emergency flashlight.

Never knew its real purpose until now!

A customer from San Diego, CA
Great for 2001 Ford Escape Rear Door Lock
Apparently this is a pretty common problem. Replaced original door lock actuator with this one, and it works great. This actuator actually seems sturdier than the OEM. Installing the part takes a little creativity, and remember that the green wire goes to negative (striped wire.) This saved me $140.