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12 Vdc motor-drive actuator for automotive door locks. Nylon plunger moves 0.75". Push or pull, depending on polarity. Includes mounting hardware, metal strap and a 9.5" metal extension rod which fits through the hole in the end of the plunger. Overall dimensions of actuator assembly (retracted): 5.50" x 2.45" x 1.25". Rubber boot protects against moisture and dust. Pigtail leads.
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Works great on GMC

Reviewer: from Virginia

Installed two on GMC Safari. Motor mounted in factory holes on body. I cut the factory connertor rod and the rod with kit. used the adapter to connect the two together and adjust for proper linkage. sure beats the shop price.

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Great product!

Reviewer: from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Very easy to install. Kit includes everything you need to install the actuator in the door, as well a link rod and a coupler to attach it to the factory lock rod. In most cases no modifcation to factory components should be necessary. Recommended to anyone looking for cheap and effective power door locks.

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Reviewer: from Englewood, CO.

I love this one!
I restore older cars, and this is one great deal!
These actuators have EXCELLENT POWER. Also they are very useful, and work in all kinds of places. I've used them on car doors, trunks, hoods, and even on my bedroom door (dont ask).

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I got the hook up!

Reviewer: from Los Angeles CA

yeah i got two fo these I am familar with the kit...
not too hard to install and can be used for alot of different things besides doorlocks..
you cant beat the price for this....
Why are you still reading this?? go buy some!!

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it's all true!!!!!

Reviewer: from NY

this kit is great! one momentary dpdt sw and it was done! no more running around the van checking all the doors. I plan to buy more soon

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