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M-Systems # MD2200-D08. 8 mByte flash disks, removed from equipment. 3-5 Vdc operation. Easy to use interface. Full hard disk read/write compatibility. Extensive O/S support, DOS, Windows, Linux, QNX and others. Cost effective/low power consumption. 32-pin DIP packaging. Removed from sockets.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Data Sheet

Reviewer: from SEATTLE, WA US

Here's a link I found to the data sheet for this part.

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Interesting, but too expensive

Reviewer: from Eastern seaboard

These babies would be nice for adding
data-logging capabilities to an Arduino.
But, they're too expensive for that,
considering that SD cards are so much
cheaper and easier to get. These things
are obsolete technology, folks, and they
should be priced at only a buck or two

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Reviewer: from VAN NUYS, CA US

I saw the chipondisk you have... not finding the specs easily almost
made me change my mind about buying it.
After few attempts I found something decent here:
Why don't you give at least a link to documentation you don't keep on
you site? It would make your costumers happier.

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