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Velleman #DVM810. Economical and compact multimeter with a 3 1/2 digit LCD for measuring DC and AC voltages, DC currents, resistance, diodes and transistors (hFE). Features overload protection. Ranges: DC and AC voltage, 500 volts, DC current, 0.2 A (fused), 10 A (not fused), resistance to 2M. Ideal for hobbyists, for use in the field and workshops. Test leads, instruction book included. 3.70" x 1.81" x 1.03" high.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Something's Rotten in Denmark!

Reviewer: from Kaysville, UT USA

WOW! Erik discovered why these are on the surplus mkt. He got some truly screwy values in his tests; This is prob. why a big batch of these have become surplus-because of a very few bad ones they pulled them all back. Mine has been perfectly great for over 2 years, and Caveat Emptor doesn't apply with A/E. Test yours out on a known value, such as a battery voltage, and if not good, e-mail [email protected] They'll arrange to send you another, or a refund as you prefer. They're very good in adjustments of dissatisfaction; I know this from experience. Regards, DRH

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Not exactly useful ;-(

Reviewer: from Portland, OR USA

Newly acquired unit reads 12.8V for a used 9V battery, and 172V AC when shoved into the 110V wall jack. Both readings are 43% high. This, after having to take the back off and reseat the battery before it would power up. Seems as if it's just this unit, as other reviews say it's just fine, but buyer beware.

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Small but Mighty!

Reviewer: from Kaysville, UT.USA

I first reviewed this great little multimeter more than 2 years ago. I still love mine, and am doing this review because I just used it today-to calibrate a much larger multimeter! It is worth mentioning that it's intelligent to keep a second battery handy, esp. if you are an unintelligent type, making the mistake of not setting it to "off" when finished! The repl. battery is A/E's BAT-12 ($1.25) A smaller, less expensive, or more reliable for the size multimeter cannot be found!

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Very pleased

Reviewer: from MOSS BEACH, CA US

What more needs to be said about the value? This is a tiny little fellow that stows anywhere. I'm getting another one. The NPN/PNP HFE feature was a bonus that let me sort out a bunch of transistors.

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Is it off or on?

Reviewer: from Colorado Springs CO

To make it easier to see if I'd left it in ON position, I filled the knob bar index indentation with bright yellow model paint.

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