CAT# DVM-890
$45.00 each
Velleman # DVM890. An incredible array of features at a great price. 20A DC current, 1000 DC Volts. 20A AC current, 700 AC volts. Resistance to 20 M. Capacitance from 2000pF to 20uF. Frequency measurement to 20kHz. Temperature measurement: -58 degrees F to 1832 degrees F with K-type thermocouple. Low battery indication, overload protection and auto power off function. Protective rubber shell, test leads and thermocouple included.
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Average Customer Review:  (9 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from NEW YORK, NY US
Finally 'Threw In The Towel' & gave up on my 20+
year old B&K 2815 Digital Meter.

Pretty much agree with everyone else - just a few things to add.

1) This is a fairly large meter: approx. 8" long by 3 3/4" wide & 2" deep.

2) However, the Black Case of the meter easily separates from the Yellow Rubber Cradle/Stand, making it about 7 1/4" by 3 1/2" by 1".

3) The rotary selector dial has an indentation mark but needs to be painted (with a white marker) to prevent a wrong setting.

4) This meter is not for the novice! There are too many choices that may lead to confusion and everything is closely spaced together.

With this said, the Velleman 890 has to be the most incredible value ever seen in a Digital MultiMeter (including the temperature probe).

I will report back if I have anything else to add.

A customer from Tucson, AZ
Great all around meter!
I've had this meter for going on two years and it has yet to fail me. It's a meter I take into the field with me, and it's amazingly sturdy.

The capacitance meter comes in handy for indentifying those little unmarked caps floating around. The frequency counter is good for mesuring low frequency logic timing, like for a stepper motor controller. The transistor gain function is useful, but only if you have devices that fit the socket.

One minor gripe I guess would be in the measurement accuracy out to the third decimal place. There was a +/- 2 mV registration error while measuring a precision bandgap voltage reference. For $45 I think I can let that go :-) Also, the K thermocouple is a little fragile in that the wire can easily be pulled from the base.

A customer from Brea, CA, USA
Well not so good but still....
I bought my DVM890 back some years ago; It worked fine for quite awhile but then it broke down. It looks like the "ON" switch failed.
I did use it extensively and since I do need another DVM I will buy another DVM890 from All Electronics.
I already have a smaller DVM850BL and I am totally happy with it.

A customer from Dartmouth, MA USA
rugged meter, keeps on tickin.
I did a stupid thing and accidentally tested the output of an unfused power strip when still in the Ammeter setting. I immediately voided the DMM warrenty and discovered the power strip did indeed have power, heh. I melted the tips off the test leads and there is a 1.5 inch round black spot around the outlet. And the multimeter still works!! I then opened the DMM up and installed a 10Amp fuse in place of the copper wire that is used. AE sells fuses cheaply enough.

A customer from , Not Important But Ok Im From NewYork
Very Good Peice Of Testing Equipmernt
The settings on this MULIIMETER are very useful, 20A DC current, 1000 DC Volts. 20A AC current, 700 AC volts. Resistance to 20 M. Capacitance from 2000pF to 20uF. Frequency measurement to 20kHz. Temperature measurement: -58¼ F to 1832¼ F with K-type thermocouple. I do alot of high voltage testing, low voltage testing, its great for all the tasks you need it for.