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6.3" x 3.94" multilayer epoxy board with copper pattern on one side. Holes on 0.1" centers.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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cheap and well made

Reviewer: from PA

This board is well made and cost efficient, but IC's just dont fit on here, how can they call it IC pattern? IC's would bridge 2 holes, if it was really IC pattern they would have like 3 connected holes seperated by 2 holes, the way it is now you have to bridge over two holes connected to your pins, leaving you with one hole to solder to and another hole wasted! Still, very good board, just frustrating that I ordered an IC board that doesnt do IC's too well.

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Overcome Minor Board Design Drawbacks

Reviewer: from KENNEWICK, WA US

While an integrated circuit does hide the inner holes of the 3-hole group for each pin, using a HRICS series high reliability socket generally allows the designer access to those holes. Pin to pin jumpers or wire leading to external components may be installed before or after the socket is installed. Burnish the board with ScotchBrite or similar material before soldering to ensure the surface is clean, facilitating flowout and minimizing the amount of heat required to produce an adequate solder joint.

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This is different

Reviewer: from EPPING, NH US

I purchased one of these for a project, but cannot figure out a good layout for the components. Unlike boards I have purchased in the past, the 3 connected holes on this board run parallel to the busses. All the other boards run perpendicular to the buses (like breadboards are laid out). Think twice about the components you are using as this board doesn't seem to work well with ICs and DIP packaged parts.

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good for IC's, good for your wallet

Reviewer: from Dartmouth, MA USA

I was very satisfied with this board. I only wish the pads were 4 hole desings as sometimes an IC output drives more than one input, so an extra hole is needed. As it is set up now, a standard IC chip leaves only one wire hole(on the top of the board) after being placed. Other than that these boards are excellent!

You will not find a cheaper IC pattern board.

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Cut traces with razor blade

Reviewer: from LAFAYETTE, CA USA

I've ordered perf boards with other SKUs from AE in the past that have come with inconvenient trace patterns. I just cut the traces with a razor blade where I have to. At these prices all I ask is that the board have fresh copper, and they have all been fine. I usually end up sawing the big boards into smaller pieces anyway.

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