CAT# EL-15
2 for $1.50
2 piece minimum order
100 or more $0.50 each
Used for backlighting displays, control panels, special effects and model lighting. Flexible, produces practically no heat. Operates on 80-120Vac and will run off of inverter or standard "house" electricity. Salmon color in off-state. Glows white when energized. Solderable pins.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

neal duncan from DC
This is a great item for creative projects
While it works on house current it is much brighter and whiter at higher frequencies. 600 to 700 Hz at 90-100V is ideal, so make your own low wattage inverter! You can use an audio source to control the inverter frequency and it will change colors to the music (subtlety). Greenish and darker at lower frequencies, bluer (but also darker) at higher frequencies from 1500 to 20K. Bright whitish blue at 660 Hz. Great retro item.
Nice academic paper on this here:

Richard Jackson from HUNTINGTN BCH, CA USA
Perfect match with LCD Display
This is a perfect match with the #LCD-221 display. If you want a LCD that is visible in day light and at night this is a good combination. You will need one back light for each LCD.

A customer from IMPERIAL, PA USA
Didn't Like Outdoors
I used these to retrofit into automotive Landau lights (on roof pillars). Looked GREAT for about a year then started to turn strange color and shrunk

A customer from DENVER, CO USA
Great Bathroom Night Light
This little thing makes a perfect night light for my bathroom. I mounted it like a sandwich between two pieces of thin plexiglass with the wall plug contacts coming straight out of the back so it sits flush against the wall. Glows very pale green - almost white.

Uses almost no power, drawing only 1 mA at 120 VAC. I just leave the thing plugged in all the time because who cares?