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Experimenter's Delight - Removed from used assembly. A belt-driven slotted shaft that probably caused a piston to oscillate attached to an optical encoder. Rotates in one direction only. 50mm long x 20mm x 18mm (excluding bracket). Two styles -- may be terminated with ribbon cable and female connector or wire leads.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Partial rotation encoding

Reviewer: from San Luis Obispo, CA USA

The interrupter disk has 40 slits covering only 120° of rotation. There are three photodetectors to monitor the slots and two other indexing apertures. The driven ≈0.47" end is a barrel cam accepting a ≈0.15" pin with ≈0.15" throw and a face cam with ≈0.04" throw. The Faulhaber #1624 motor with 16/5 gearhead listed here may have been the driving part of this device.

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