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Extremely loud 12 VDC car alarm siren. Distinctive siren pattern cycles through six different sounds every thirty seconds. Overall dimensions: 3.20" x 2.85 x 3.75" high including mounting bracket. Two 66" wire leads. 2.55" mounting centers on adjustable metal base.
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Reviewer: from Arizona

Awesome LOUD speaker for any alarm usage. Operates as low as 2Vdc but not as loud, though still loud!

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As a Doorbell helper

Reviewer: from North West Arkansas

There is more than likely Machinery running that drowns out our Heavy Duty 24 VAC Clapper type Door Bell. I purchased one of these Alarms and inserted a Diode and a Capacitor to create a Half Wave 12 VDC Power Supply. When the 24 VDC Door Bell rings, the Alarm now sounds at the same time. The sound is loud enough now to even be heard in the Office with the door shut and the AC running. Perfect!

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