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Originally a conditioning charger for a 14.4V 2600 maH LI-ION/LI-POLYMER battery. The circuit board has a 100uh, 4.3A inductor, CTX100-2-52M, that is well worth the price of the board. With a little effort you can remove the inductor, 3 sets of header connectors, a MOSFET, two voltage regulators, two TO-220 aluminum heatsinks, three 330 uf 35v radial electrolytic capacitors.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Reviewer: from LEANDER, TX USA

The 24 pin part is a Microchip 18F873 controller. This design looks a lot like the Microchip reference design for an intelligent battery charger.

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Reviewer: from La Habra Heights, Ca.

I’ve provided 24 volts to pin 1. The pins out close to pin 1 has constant power. There are 7 pins. Starting at left closest to oin2: pin 1 is negative. Pin 2 4.8 volts. Pin 3 2.3 volts. Pin 4 4.8 volts. Pin 5 4.8 volts. Pin 6 4.8 volts. Pin 7 0
(Zero) volts. I’m not sure how to hook this up as a battery charger and I’ve contacted the manufacture but they don’t want to discuss anything about anything it might have to do with her proprietary information. Do you guys think it might be possible To add up several of the pens and run them in series and use them as either a LED driver or a power supply? Is anybody got any information yet on how to use this thing is a battery charger and wish pens you use to charge a battery?

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