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Trim leads on PC boards. Thin cutting edge for hard to reach areas. Useful for jewelry, fishing and electronics. Insulated handle. Spring return.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Not so good...

Reviewer: from PA

These cutters came to me packaged very nicely and they were clean. The grips feel very cheap, blades dont come together so well. It does have a little notch near the bottom of the blades for stripping (30 gauge?) wire, this may work very well for anyone who is doing wire wraping, then again who needs flush cutters for that?

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Good Tool

Reviewer: from Redmond, Oregon

Nice spring design & handle. The red handle stands out when you have a bunch of stuff on your bench so with the red handle you can find your tool faster. Time will tell how long it stays sharp.

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Kind of flimsy, but does the job

Reviewer: from EUREKA SPGS, AR US

These are perfect for cutting off nylon (Zip) ties. Cuts the end flush so there is no sharp edge to contend with. We use them in motorcycle accessory installations, buy 20 at a time and use them pretty heavily. Sooner or later the cheap rivet lets the blades flex around so they don't meet, when that happens we toss it in the trash and grab a new one. A fraction of the price of high-quality flush cuts, these definitely pay for themselves even with the shorter life.

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These are my favorite "fine use" little pliers...

Reviewer: from Lynbrook, Long Island, NY

oh, good - I jumped a bit when I saw the picture - now I can get a new pair of these nifty little pliers to replace my three-year old ones. Radio-Shack sold them for a while, but now they sell a pair of heavier ones that don't open right and don't fit in tight places like these do. They're NOT heavy duty, but are super for both stripping and clipping the small wires on my circuit boards...

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