$6.78 each
12" long, white, Velleman CCFT lamp. Equipped with leads and connector to fit inverters. Use our inverter CAT# INV-12 for 12" lamps.
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Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Raleigh, NC
Can someone comment on the dimensions of this tube, in millimeters?

A customer from E NORTHPORT, NY US
solor powered shed lights
I bought three of these lamps and inverters also a solor panel and a battery for my shed. I ride my bike to work and leave before daybreak. I wanted to have lights in the shed so could get ready for my ride without using flash lights or lanterns. I put a switch above the door as you walk in. I'm pleased with the brightness, it is enough to see what I'm doing. The amount of time the lights are on shouldn't drain the battery if the solor panel recharges it during the day. the current one inverter with the CCFL draws about 0.33 amps.

A customer from TYLER,TEXAS
a recomendation from anyone
could thesebe used in multiples to light up a kitchen,or an outdoor security lamp?????????

A customer from SAN FRANCISCO, CA US
Works Great!
Used this with the matching inverter and works brightly as my car's trunk light. Unfortuantly I couldn't find a way to mount this, so I used the its plastic tubing (part of the shipping packaging) as the holder and everything looks great and bright in my trunk!

A customer from Amherst, WI
How many volts does the bulb require? EDITORS NOTE: These lamps require a inverter. The inverters run on 12 vdc.