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Product Description
Bright xenon strobe assembly for highway emergency signal. Approximately 80 flashes per minute. 12Vdc operation. Horseshoe flash tube (31.5 x 16 x 6mm) mounted on 65 x 75mm pc board. On/off switch. Easy to connect. See hook-up diagram on-line spec sheet.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Not Bad

Reviewer: from SAN JOSE, CA USA

I run this strobe daily. The only problem I have is that the PC layout is faulty. The high voltage needed to excite the strobe can cross the soldering points on the back of the board. I use a glue gun to insulate (as did those that assembled the strobe) the areas that are arcing. Other than that issue it's a great buy since the strobe bulb alone can cost the same as the entire unit.

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very bright & reliable if kept dry

Reviewer: from Albuquerque, NM

A simple inverter circuit charges a 100 uF capacitor to about 250 to 300 volts across a U tube xenon flash - very bright. A neon bulb triggers the flash - rate set by resistor/capacitor and input voltage. Starts to operate at ~7 volts @ 30 flashes per min; @ 12 volts is ~ 65 FPM and at 14.4 volts is ~ 88 FPM. Board is not coated so condensation may cause arcing of the high voltage.

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J1 or J2?

Reviewer: from Redlands, CA USA

Do I connect the (+) to J1 OR J2, OR both?
What are the J3, J5 and J5 for? Can someone help, please?

Editors Note:
J1 and J2 are connected together and are the negative side of 12 Vdc Next to J1 and J2 is a bat+ which is the positive side of 12Vdc
Not sure what J3, J4 or J5 do.

Negative 12Vdc to J1 or J2
Positive 12Vdc to BAT+
Push the switch and the flasher works

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Good deal, but Question...

Reviewer: from DUBUQUE, IA USA

Anyone know what the J6 spade connector on the opposite side of the board is for? Such as varying the flash rate or something? Hope there's an advanced expert out there who can tell by examining the circuit board, since the pdf spec sheet is just a photo and there's no schematic.

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great deal

Reviewer: from South Dakota

Used these for warning lights on a plow truck. They are plenty bright, and seem to be very well made. I gonna get some more and place the strobe bulbs in marker lamp housing. A great deal for the price and uses are endless!

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