$4.50 each
10 or more $4.00 each
Bright xenon strobe assembly for highway emergency signal. Approximately 80 flashes per minute. 12Vdc operation. Horseshoe flash tube (31.5 x 16 x 6mm) mounted on 65 x 75mm pc board. On/off switch. Easy to connect. See hook-up diagram on-line spec sheet.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Average Customer Review:  (6 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Honolulu, HI
Current Draw
Can anyone say what the current draw is at 12 Volts for this device ?

WesMax from SAN JOSE, CA USA
Not Bad
I run this strobe daily. The only problem I have is that the PC layout is faulty. The high voltage needed to excite the strobe can cross the soldering points on the back of the board. I use a glue gun to insulate (as did those that assembled the strobe) the areas that are arcing. Other than that issue it's a great buy since the strobe bulb alone can cost the same as the entire unit.

m thuot - E E from Albuquerque, NM
very bright & reliable if kept dry
A simple inverter circuit charges a 100 uF capacitor to about 250 to 300 volts across a U tube xenon flash - very bright. A neon bulb triggers the flash - rate set by resistor/capacitor and input voltage. Starts to operate at ~7 volts @ 30 flashes per min; @ 12 volts is ~ 65 FPM and at 14.4 volts is ~ 88 FPM. Board is not coated so condensation may cause arcing of the high voltage.

A customer from South Dakota
great deal
Used these for warning lights on a plow truck. They are plenty bright, and seem to be very well made. I gonna get some more and place the strobe bulbs in marker lamp housing. A great deal for the price and uses are endless!

A customer from Redlands, CA USA
J1 or J2?
Do I connect the (+) to J1 OR J2, OR both?
What are the J3, J5 and J5 for? Can someone help, please?

Editors Note:
J1 and J2 are connected together and are the negative side of 12 Vdc Next to J1 and J2 is a bat+ which is the positive side of 12Vdc
Not sure what J3, J4 or J5 do.

Negative 12Vdc to J1 or J2
Positive 12Vdc to BAT+
Push the switch and the flasher works