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DIGMESA #FHKSC 974-9501-A180.
Turbine Flow sensor for vending systems that use vibratory water pumps. NPN Normally Open transistor switch with internal 1.2K Pull-up. Output low upon detection. PBT Plastic Case, NSF/CE Approved.
Power: 4-20VDC.
Output: Square wave, 20mA max Sink, 2016 Pulse/liter.
Detection Range: .1-.57 L/min.
Pressure Range:-14 to +4.35 PSI.
Internal orifice: 1.2mm.
3-pin header, 0.156" (Pancon156MLSS).
Fittings for 5mm I/D plastic tubing.
1.6" diameter x 0.95" plastic body.
Used, removed from equipment.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from SN LUIS OBISP, CA USA
works great!
These things are pretty neat. If you blow into it (air flow direction is marked with an arrow on the plastic), you can hear something spinning on the inside. I power it with +5V on the + terminal, and 0V (ground) on the terminal that is labeled with an upside-down "T". Then I ran a 1k resistor from +5V to the terminal marked "#." I monitored the voltage on the flow-sensor side of the resistor, relative to 0V (ground). With no flow, this sits at +5V (consistent with a transistor being off). When I blow into it, I get a very clean square pulse train that seems to stick at a 50% duty cycle. The pulses get shorter the harder I blow, with about a 2 ms pulse width for a blow that's at the strength of a normal exhale.