CAT# GC-125
$17.50 each
Maintenance-free, rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery. Can be used in any position and trickle charged for long periods of time. Will not leak. 2.75" x 3.53" x 4" high. 0.1875" quick-connect connectors.
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Average Customer Review:  (19 Reviews) Write A Review

Jon Death from Cleveland, Ohio
Maintenance Free?
I bought this battery 2-3 years ago and it died about a week ago. Never saw more than low milliamp draw and a dozen uses. Was well taken care of and trickle charged to maintain it's lifespan but it faulted anyway.

Attempted to rebuild it with a reconditioning charger but to no prevail. Very unsatisfied with this battery, it should have last well beyond it's life expectancy with the limited use and extreme care it was given. Contacted customer support, never got a response so, here is the negative review that's been earned. Editors Note: Am posting this review even though 2-3 years a resonable period for a gel cell to last even under light useage.

A customer from BELLFLOWER, CA US
Good battery, great price!
I used one for a trailer emergency brake system at a great savings, and the other for experiments. This looks like a drop-in replacement for many emergency lighting systems, exit signs, and UPSs. The shipping can't be beat!

A customer from San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Spec Sheet
The spec sheet for this trusty battery can be found here:

A customer from Oregon, OH, USA
decent battery for the price
very compact form factor with a lot of power. Has been in use periodically over the course of a year and have had no problems---appears to hold charge for quite a while. Definitely worth it.

A customer from Kaysville, UT USA
Another top-Quality Value-for Money Item
I buy some of my batteries from a battery-only specialist firm. I've just looked at their price sheet: A 3.4AH Panasonic Gel Cell is $31. This is a great little gel cell at an unbelievable price. I charge it with a 13V power supply I got with one of my handheld radios