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Maintenance-free, rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery. Can be used in any position and trickle charged for long periods of time. Will not leak. 2.75" x 3.53" x 4" high. 0.1875" quick-connect connectors.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Description Clarification

Reviewer: from Madison, WI

The battery I recieved is a Universal Battery UB1250. Technically, this is an Absorption Glass Mat (AGM), not a Gel cell. Minor difference, just FYI.

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AH rating

Reviewer: from San Pedro, Ca

Is the AH rating on these batteries based on 20 AH like deep cycle batteries??

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Extend Your Ham Operating time as much as 7Times

Reviewer: from Kaysville,UT. USA

I've had one of these excelllent gel-cells for several years. It's very lightweight and compact;so much so I keep it in its own case with the required cables to attach to my hand transceiver. The battery pack on the radio is only 700 Mah, so this little gem increases my operating time 7-fold without my larger bag being weighed down heavily!

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NICE power!

Reviewer: from Narrows, VA, USA.

This battery can melt almost anything you put across its terminals... Including you multi-meter set to amps (oops). I don't know how many amps this can crank, but it's way over 10... My multi-meter can handle 10 A easily, and this killed it instantly.
it has a nice size and weight, is well marked (+ & -). if you want a lot of portable power, this it what your looking for.

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Great auxillary power source

Reviewer: from Rochester, MN, USA

I ran my APRS set-up (HT at 5 watts, TinyTracker II, &GPS) from one of these batteries in support of a bike-a-thon and it ran everything flawlessly for 6+ hours (longer than the event itself). I am ordering a second battery today for a different use.

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