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7.12" x 3" x 6.7" high.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Customer Reviews 3.5 out of 5 stars(17 Reviews)

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Great batteries 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from California

Over the years I have purchased several of these for various uses. They are very easy to maintain but as you can imagine are quite heavy. IÂ’m using 2 in an APC uninterruptible power supply for my computer and while they wonÂ’t handle the same UPS rated load of 900w as the original batteries because of the plate design, they have done just fine with a reduced load such as running my computer and 19-inch CRT. One time I got to try it out for 30 minutes while I finished playing a game. ;) So a great price since replacements would have been $140.
--- In my last order one of the batteries had a bad cell (only got 9v from it under load). I shipped back the battery along with an explanation and All Electronics was right on the ball and sent me a replacement. They even refunded my shipping costs.

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Great item! 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Michigan

I bought this thing as a replacement for an electric scooter, and it fit perfectly.Holds a relly good charge too! An original replacement for the scooter was over$99, and $40 for shipping.This is a much better option

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Motorcycle battery? 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from CA

Say, I wonder if one of these would work in my motorcycle- looks to be about the same dimensions and is actually larger in capacity. Just not sure if it could handle the cranking amps- probably around 30-40 I reckon. Also, would running at around 14.5 V continously do any damage? Can't seem to find complete specs on the battery. It would be cheaper than an AGM type, but not the regular wet cell. Editors Note: THIS IS NOT A MOTORCYCLE BATTERY. Will not handle the 30 to 40 amps and 14 volts will overcharge the battery causing it to explode.

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&quotMax amps"

Reviewer: from TN, USA

It should put out as many amps as you need it to. It just won't last very long. This battery can supply 17 amps for 1 hour, thus the term "amp-hours", or AH. Can someone verify this for me? I don't want to be giving false info...EDITOR NOTE: This is what I understand amp/hours to mean...This battery should put out 17 amps for on hour however this is a max. rating and I agree it may not last that long at max. output.

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50/50 Good News/Bad News 3 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Ventura, CA

Out of two of these, one of em runs *perfectly*, the other one isn't quite up to specs, here's how it breaks down: 17aH @12vdc is supposed to mean that this battery will supply a 1 amp @ 12v load for 17hrs. I'm using these batteries for backup lighting, (since Edison is SOOO reliable...NOT!)
With a common 300 watt cont inverter and a single 42 watt compact fluorescent. Actually the Phillips bulb is rated 375 mA at 120 VAC - the inverter hooked up to either one of these batteries (fully charged) gives me about 95-110 vac output. Translating this power requirement to 12 vdc is 42watts/12vdc=3.5amps And: 17aH/3.5 amps = 4.857 hrs Now my inverter is over 90% efficient, but assuming 90% overall, that means I should get a runtime of around 4.5 hrs. Well SURPRISE! One of these cells will consistantly run the bulb for 6.5 hrs between charges, whereas the other is lucky to make it to 2hrs 10mins! QUALITY CONTROL in action! Guardian is not what I would call a "First Rate" battery company, but their prices are a heck of a lot lower than Optima! ;) Your mileage may vary.

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