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Product Description
1.5 amp miniature fuse 3/16" X 3/4"
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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This fuse caused anrgument with my wife!

Reviewer: from Kaysville, UT. USA

We recently had a piece of elect. gear blow this ident. fuse. My sweet wife got one @ Walmart (which is at least convienient), but 99 cents?!!She thought it was a bargain. I tried to tell her that I knew where to get the best price on electronic components. ( and a lot of other unexpected [email protected] AA/E, too). I showed her the website and said she could shop here too, but she thought I wasn't being nice. I'll just take her to dinner tomorrow!

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That's nice

Reviewer: from Allentown, Pennsylvania

Please, the part about the fuse costing more at Walmart is relevant, but everything else was not. Please consider everyone else's time and sanity.

John Q. Busy

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