$3.50 each
10 or more $3.00 each
Five matched break-resistant plastic gears ranging from 0.44" diameter (10 teeth) to 2.02" (50 teeth). Gears are molded with 0.15" (4mm) bores and come with inserts which reduce the bore to 0.075" (2mm) diameter. Set includes five gears and five inserts.
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Average Customer Review:  (8 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from ILL USA
need to know the pitch of the gear

A customer from USA, Iowa
Pitch Calculation
The easy way to find the pitch accurately is to add two to the tooth count and use the outside diameter. Pitch = (N+2) / OD. this formula is exact for standard gears. Second, they are supposed to mesh so they are all the same. So, use the data for the largest gear given: 50 tooth and 2.02" OD. The largest gear should have the smallest percentage of error in the measurement. Anyway, 52 / 2.02 = 25.74 pitch. Not likely an English measure gear. Probably metric: to convert take reciporical and multiply by 25.4 (mm/in): 25.4 / 25.74 = 0.987. Considering a small measuremt error is likely, they are most likely metric module 1 gears.

A customer from Los Angeles, CA
26 or 27 pitch not likely
Though I am impressed by your math, I doubt the pitch is 26 or 27. Since they come in a kit, I would expect them to have a standard pitch like 16, 24, 32, etc. Plus, there were probably manufactured overseas. Converting the measurements to metric and comparing to those standards, it's a good chance those gears are a module (metric "pitch") 1.

Then again, All Electronics does have some wacky stuff from time to time.

A customer from Valencia
Handy Gearset
People who have these gears rate them at 5 stars. The guy who didn't buy then gave 3 stars because he wanted more info before he gambled $2.75 on a set of 4 gears. Scheesh. Excellent for mini lathe.

A customer from Boston, MA USA
Module 1 gears
These appear to be metric module 1 gears with 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 teeth. The 20 tooth gear is marked "T20" and "CANADA" and the larger gears have similar markings. They fit the GR-86 4 GEAR SET perfectly, but have slightly smoother corners. The 10 tooth and some 40 tooth gears I received are white in color.