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Ideal for emergency repairs or use where electricity isn't easily accessible, this gas soldering iron is refillable from butane lighter gas found in most hardware or grocery stores. Can be used as a mini-torch or heat blower. Built-in stand, on-off switch, replaceable tip. Approximately 40 minutes use per refill. 450 Degrees C, maximum temperature. Extra tip available see CAT# GSI-2B.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Works Great - Solder, HeatBlower, Blow Touch

Reviewer: from WEST PALM BCH, FL USA

Comes built in stand to keep it off the table I used it to change out resistors on my Antminer.

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Great iron

Reviewer: from West Oakland, CA

I've used a lot of butane irons (weller, lenk, radio shack) and for the price this one's at the top. It's got a big tank, solid adjustment lever, built in stand and one exhaust port (easier to avoid melting your project). The tip converts to blower or torch by removing parts rather than using different tips, so you don't have little parts to keep track of. Replacement tips are cheap, so I got a couple extra, but I haven't needed them yet. It has a 3/4" cross section and suprisingly good balance which makes it really easy to handle and the tapered tip even works with SMC jobs. The only things it's missing are a cap(you have to let it cool before tossing it back into your field kit), and an ignition system, but who needs that anyway? Great value, even if it's just a backup iron.

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Great Gas Iron/Torch

Reviewer: from Chicago

The thing that makes this gas iron better then most other gas irons is because when you light this iron, you are actually lighting the torch flame first. After letting that flame burn for a few seconds you then release the spring-loaded burner section, which extinguishes the flame and then provides fuel to the burner. Most other soldering irons only have a burner, which after many uses will no longer ignite or ignites intermittently.

The only cons are that it doesn’t have an igniter, so keep a lighter near buy. Also, the flame on the torch blows out easily.

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