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$3.75 each
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3.25" square, wide dispersion tweeter. 50 Watts RMS. Frequency response, 3.5K - 27 KHz. 94 dB @ 1W/ 1m.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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kick wide dispersions butt

Reviewer: from Cincinatti, OH USA

I had a pair of 4 by 10 wide dispersion horns and they were rated at 200 watts max 100 RMS @ 8 ohms.

i had those in parrellel with a 400 watt 12" woofer. and both tweeters went in a heartbeat.
Used one of these on each channel and i can go twice as hard on them even though their only like 50 watts rms. my amp doesnt overheat either. these are great tweeters for a great price! and like the first review, some dork tried jipping me at like, 23-24 bucks a pop.

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Good Tweeter

Reviewer: from Auburn CA USA

Bought 2 before to use as replacements in older speaker systems. Just bought 4 more. Good sound, not harsh. Great price.

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perfect for automotive kicker boxes

Reviewer: from KEYPORT, NJ US

I have a kicker speaker box in my jeep and both tweeters went. these made perfect replacements or to use if building your own custom box and at a great price.sound really good too, the stereo shop wanted 24.99 apiece for ones just like these

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Unreal for the price

Reviewer: from York, PA

Please also see my review of the 5.25" 50W MIDRANGE SPEAKER CAT # GM-658 speaker. I used this and the 10" 110W WOOFER, 8 OHM CAT # GW-2108 in my home-built truck speaker boxes. They work Perfectly!

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