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8 ohm impedance. Rolled foam edge with poly laminated cone. Shielded for use with computers or video. 16 oz magnet. 1" voice coil. 70 Watts / 130 Watts max. 62 - 9 KHz frequency response. 84 dB @ 1W/ 1m.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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An awesome little speaker !

Reviewer: from Quebec, Canada

I have rebuilt my home theater with these speakers and a pair of tweeters from Maddison, completed by a 100W powered subwoofer box. I just received and plugged them in place, wow, they sound real good !
WinISD indicates that a 50 liter volume would be fine for tuned or sealed, but they sound great when placed in a sealed enclosure about 15 liters only, with a lower frequency about 80 Hz. I would not recommend a ported enclosure, they will probably sound boomy. My enclosures are part of a "false" beam made with 3/4" pine planks which avoids showing these big "boom boxes" on the walls. I have not completed the subwoofer yet, but the two sealed boxes in the beam do the job by themselves !
If anybody is interested, you can contact me at [email protected] for details.
This is a real deal !

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better than original one

Reviewer: from OAKLAND, CA US

I bought this speaker to replace for one Klipsch SB2 which was damaged by shipping. It was a shock
because the sound is too much better than the original one and i am going to order one more.
Allelectronic is one of the best store to shop online with quality products and fast shipping. highly recommend to every one.

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Reviewer: from "Swantucky," OH USA

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these speakers. They sound great and really pack a punch for the size. They work best with an enclosure that seems way too big for them.

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Great sound

Reviewer: from Iowa

These little woofers have real nice sound. I was shocked at the price and the sound. Don't get me wrong they are no Peerless or Audax, but for 8 bucks, you will be amazed. For lookup info it is made by GoldWood. The information for VAS and QTS is avl on the web, just do a search. I made a sealed enclosure, and have the measurements for ported too.

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Dan Conroy

Reviewer: from Rockville, MD US

I recently purchased these speakers because I like to experiment with car audio and I thought maybe I could have a little fun with these. I was completely shocked by the quality of the sound they produce. I have found that they are very picky with the frequencies you send to them, but with the proper crossovers they have very impressive sound quality. I agree with the previous review. For the money, you really can't beat them.

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