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10" 110W WOOFER, 8 OHM

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8 ohm impedance. Rolled foam edge with poly laminated cone. 20 oz magnet with vent and bumper plate. 1.5" voice coil. 110 Watts / 220 Watts max. 40 - 5 KHz freq. response. 90 dB @ 1W/ 1m.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Good for price

Reviewer: from Chesapeake VA USA

It is a goldwood woofer. works best in sealed enclosure.Bought one and made a box for it. You get what you pay for. It Doesnt have good deep lows. It isn't a high performance woofer. Good for $ though.

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Great guitar amp replacement speaker!

Reviewer: from KEMP, TX US

I build guitars and amps and repair them as well. I recently found a 26 year old Peavey amp that was in pristine condition other than dried caps and a 10" speaker that was dried up and the voice coil was gone. The caps I had in stock, but finding a 10" speaker for under $50 I thought was not going to happen. Not so! I bought this speaker and it arrived 30 minutes ago. Once in the cab I fired up that old Peavey and was really impressed! The speaker's tone is perfect for the range of the guitar and it is really strong. Lots of clean headroom now and when the overdrive is in, its the amp that is breaking up, not the speaker. A tremendous buy at $15.95! I highly recomend this speaker for replacements in amps! A good buy and shipping was real quick too! By the way, that amp is mine and I'm not parting with it!

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Reviewer: from USA

I blew the woofers in a pair of technichs 3-way towers I got for 30 bucks, and I already knew AE had a good selection of component speakers, so I bought a pair of these seeing as they mached the ratings pretty well. My dad and I had to enlargent the hole with a rotozip, but it was well worth the effort. They have great respones and fat bass that I would gladly pay 50$ apiece for. Increddible value. Thanks AE! Ill soon be purchasing more speakers to build cabs for my van.

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Great for exact replacement

Reviewer: from MCHENRY, IL US

I agree that these are not high-performance as the other review mentions. However, if you happen to have this type of woofer in your cabinets, and blew the hell out of yours like I did, these are the best choice replacement. The cones are very solid, and the edges are strong and pliable. All Electronic's $6 shipping makes for a great price combo on these too!!

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Great bass for a low price

Reviewer: from BREAUX BRIDGE, LA USA

I bought a pair of these a year ago to replace a set of underpowered drivers that were in beautiful cabinets. The polarity is clearly marked for easy retrofitting, and when I connected them and reassembled the case, they sound great. The heavy magnets and durable cones make for awesome bass, and now I can crank up the volume on my sony amp and not worry!

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