12" 120W WOOFER, 8 OHM

CAT# GW-2128
$25.50 each
8 ohm impedance. Rolled foam edge with poly laminated cone. 20 oz magnet with vent and bumper plate. 1.5" voice coil. 120 Watts / 240 Watts max. 34 - 2 KHz freq. response. 88 dB @ 1W/ 1m.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from milwaukee, WI, USA
great speaker for great price
i built a pair of pa speakers using these, and they sound great. even at full blast, they look llike theyre barly moving, but they are loud and have good sound quality. one thing to note, the way they were origionally mounted, the magnet on the back was touching some sound dampening foam in the speaker, and some of the padding melted from the heat durring a gig. they are great, but keep in mind they get hot!!! they are made by goldwood, and i havent had any problems. for under 20$, well worth it!

A customer from Littleton CO USA
Nice speaker...
Good sound for a low priced speaker. I wanted to
build some outdoor speakers and keep the cost
down, so I bought one pair...worked good so I am
getting a second pair for inside.

A customer from Gulf Breeze, Fl USA
I am ordering some of these for my Pioneer system. They are the exact same ones as the stock subs. I ran my subs at 150 watts continuously and had no problems. I'm only replacing them because I hooked the old ones up to a QSC 900 watt amp. They blew at around 190.

A customer from Omaha, NE US
Nice bass for the price
I must admit being a bit skeptical about using these woofers in a 100 watt PA sound system, considering the price and the foam-surround. The specs looked nice so I bought a pair. I am amazed at the bass response in the three-way system that I built using these speakers in a ported cabinet. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing some clean-sounding woofers for a very nice price.

A customer from Havana, IL. US
Great Deal!!!
It's hard to find a 100 watt, 12" speaker for under $20.00. I bought 4 of them and made a speaker cabinet for my Marshall guitar amp head, sounds pretty good. Have some friends who want me to build them a speaker cabinet now!