$6.50 each
Keeps your hands free while enhancing your vision. 3-level acrylic lens system provides a variety of magnification levels up to 4.8x. 2.2x fixed lens. 1.1x interior flip-down lens and 1.5x swivel loupe. Magnifier assembly can be flipped up out of your way when not in use. Wide body allows for glasses. Adjustable hook-and-loop headstrap.
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Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from CLEARWATER, FL US
Wow, What a helper !!!!
Just try to repair a printed circuit board or a mechanicle pump indexer without them, and I'll pick on you for being cross-eyed ! These are a Godsend for the one trying to keep up with all the new equipment coming out. Thanks again, AE, for the help.

A customer from Woodburn, OR US
Good binocular magnifier headset
I found this magnifier to be very comfortable, and works well with reading glasses.
Adjustable view angle for magnifier portion. The three magnifications all are without distortion. Worth the price.

A customer from MOSS BEACH, CA US
Fantastic price - comfortable
I had been looking in the Edmund Scientific catalog for this item -- didn't get it because of the $69.95 price. Check http://scientificsonline.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_3039096 When this poped up on All Electronics -- I got it. It's comfortable, has two magnification ratios that work well for construction work.

A customer from BUMPASS, VA USA
Very Nice and Good Price
I was surprised at how well this works considering it has plastic lenses. It gives distortion free magnification and is comfortable to wear. It's holding up fine so far despite being dropped a few times.

A customer from Northfield, MN
Not worth it.
These offer little or no real magnification. There is a small sweet spot to actually look thru and then it has a distorted warping of the image. The working distance can be as close as only a couple inches. If you need serious magnifiers spend the money and get quality ones.