$14.35 each
High-quality cable with braided jacket, gold-plated plugs. SPECIAL PRICE.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Eagle Rock Los Angeles CA
HDMI Design
I agree with TULSA, OK! The HDMI connector is one of the most poorly designed connectors!
I am constantly buying them because of not having strain relief.

A customer from LOS ANGELES, CA USA
Good Cable!
I have a new Dell Inspiron 580 with a dell monitor. I just replaced the analog monitor cable with the HDM-10 and actually the picture seems a little bit nicer. Definitely worth the cost!

A customer from TULSA, OK USA
Small problems, common with HDMI cables
Decent cables, but they have the too common HDMI "break-off the plastic end from strain" and the wires pull out of the "plug". I'd like to have ten minutes with a sharp knife and the tender parts of the designers of most of the new electronic connectors such as the HDMI, USB, and any non-retention connector with a heavy cable and a low-strength plastic connection with lots of strain on it!
On the back of my AVR, I have to have 4, $20 ea. 1 meter cables for them to hold up. It's a design flaw in the AVR and in most cables, having no real strain relief on them. I'm not picking on just these cables. Just be aware of gravity.