$2.50 each
5 test leads. 2" Clips.
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Average Customer Review:  (6 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Lakewood, CO US
These things are REALLY nice for the money! I've just bought a second set.

A customer from Los Angeles, CA USA
Very handy
These hold up well in an abusive auto shop environment. The way the wire is crimped to the clips acts as a fuse of sorts. If you short a battery (and I always manage to), the insulation gets soft with heat and the bare wire sinks into it and loses contact. I consider this a feature, not a flaw. They are easily repaired when this happens, but if you make a really solid contact, the next time you short it, it will let all the smoke out of the wire.
I never wear these out, they always end up lost, shorted, stepped on, or otherwise abused in my workshop, and I always end up buying more. Buy at least 2 sets, and also check out the mini jumpers they have.

A customer from Seattle, WA
Great deal, but don't trust them until you've test
I bought two sets of these... great price, but I think someone was having a bad day on the red and green wire assembly line as the wires were not connected to the alligator clips themselves. The "assembly" procedure is the wire is stripped about 1/8" inch, folded back on the insulation and then crimped onto the clip. With my jumpers, however, the reds and greens were stripped too short (About 1/16" total) and the folded back wire was the SIDE of the insulation/clip crimp interface, and didn't touch any part of the alligator clip which equals open leads. Not a problem if you've got the time to pull the assemblies apart and solder the connections correctly... The rest of the colors were assembled correctly. Test them first before you frustrate the hell out of yourself!!!

A customer from Chicago
Same as Radio Shack at a Fraction of the Price
Same kind/color as Radio Shack used to carry, but at less than HALF the price for the same quantity and color selection.

A customer from agoura hills , CA
Great Jumpers
These are great jumpers. I have used these in my laboratory for various experiments and testing procedures , they work excellent , and you can't beat the price .