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RLS # RM221Q3 / SKM 3208.
Encoder module with a magnetic actuator. 20mm diameter x 4mm thick. Includes small neodymium magnet, 4mm x 4mm diameter.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Rotary Module give quadrature signal out

Reviewer: from Pearl City,IL USA

Like many of you ,I tried to lookup this encoder online but didn't get too far with the numbers provided. So I bought a couple. Found 3 chips: AM256Q Hall Magnetic sensor, iC-NQ 13bit sin/D converter, and a DS34C87T Quad diff driver. The AM256Q feeds sine and cosine analog waves to the iC-NQ. The iC-NQ chops up the analog waves and generates quadrature A,B and Z square waves. I haven't been able to count them exactly but I think it is about 2000 pulses per rev. Also the iC-NQ has BiSS B output that I have not been able to get data from. The DS34C78T takes the 3 channels of quadrature A,B,Z and sends them out as RS-422 differential signals so you get A and /A, B and /B, Zand /Z signals. for short runs you can use only one side and it drove my circuit fine. These signals and the power supply are located on the 8 solder pads in a line. One strange thing is if the magnet is not near the AM256Q then it send random signals at about 3.5khz.

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