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UltraHEAT(TM) #SV800. Dual temperature heat gun provides flameless heat for applying heat shrink tubing, curing epoxy, loosening adhesives, heating liquids, thawing frozen pipes, stripping paint and many other applications. Dual temperature, 600 deg. F and 800 deg. F. 1300 Watts. Impact resistant housing. Long-lasting heating element. UL listed.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Worth the price

Reviewer: from Virginia

Well built, tough and solid construction. Works very well and gets extremely hot very quickly. Low setting works great for heat shrink tubing.

Only problem is the unit blows out smoke for the first few minutes of running when brand new. The smoke was very smelly (kind of like burnt wiring), light in color, and set off my smoke detectors. I recommend running this on high heat outdoors for about 15 minutes prior to firing it up inside! Works fine now. I actually took it apart to make sure nothing was burning up, but everything looks perfectly fine so the smoking must be normal.

Only thing that would make this gun better would be a cool setting.

Overall, I'm satisfied. Definitely worth the price.

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Performs well

Reviewer: from Stockton, CA

This gun performs well and is tough. I have dropped it numerous times and it keeps coming back to work! In just a few seconds it gets hot enough to shrink tubing. I'm happy with it.

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Great heatgun.

Reviewer: from PORTLAND, OR US

Never smoked or smelled, hot, tough, perfect.

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