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Hemostats are great for clamping onto small components while soldering or desoldering. Stainless steel. 5" STRAIGHT TIP.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Not Too Bad

Reviewer: from Ellensburg, WA

I ordered two of these - one had a bunch of serious cracks in the handle and jaws but All Electronics generously replaced it with a better one.

The two that I have are about 3/8" different in total length and the handles on one are pretty loose... These are not super-high-quality. They do work nicely as heatsinks and to hold things while soldering but they will not be replacements for your trusty pair of needlenose.

Four stars for being inconsistent and having a mid-quality feel - but for a buck and a quarter how much can you really complain?

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Very useful for holding parts while soldering

Reviewer: from Grand Rapids, MI

These are surprisingly useful for holding parts on a circuit board while soldering upside down. Things like header strips, DIP sockets, etc. are held securely and flat against the board.

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Makes a great heatsink

Reviewer: from COON RAPIDS, MN US

Makes a great heat sink for small parts. Attach to a gounding clip - attach hemostat across all MOSFET pins when soldering into board.

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Teeth are serated

Reviewer: from COON RAPIDS, MN US

Forgot to add why I only gave it a 4 out of 5. The teeth are serrated and will leave impressions on your work items

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Reviewer: from Atlanta, Ga. USA

I keep two of these in my tool box at work for various uses. I am an automotive and facilities maintenance mechanic at a major theme park. the straight tip lays flatter than the curved tip in my tool box. low quality, possibly factory seconds or equivalent, likely from somewhere as pakistan. EXCELLENT ROACH CLIPS!! STOCK UP!!

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