CAT# HS-4901
$10.95 each
Have the right piece of heat shrinkable tubing when you need it. Unbreakable clear plastic box with dividers contains 4 inch lengths of 6 different diameters:

1/16" - 56 pcs
3/32" - 35 pcs
1/8" - 28 pcs
3/16" - 18 pcs
1/4" - 9 pcs
3/8" - 8 pcs

BLACK. Also available in all multi-color assortment, CAT# HS-4900
Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Mississippi
With a $5.00 FREE box!!!!
People this is not the cheep stuff you find other places, I am a retired electronics engineer, this is LAB QUALITY tubing. It has a UV inhibitor mixture for years of flexibility and safe insulation. And a $5.00 free box.. what are you waiting for? SUPER DEAL!!!!

A customer from Vermont
High quality standard heat shrink tubing
Much better quality and thicker wall than the commonly found cheapo/generic heat shrink. Though I was expecting even thicker/heavier based on an over-enthusiastic review(not AE's fault of course). For example in 3/8" diameter this is about 0.012" wall, cheap/generic stuff 0.008", heavy wall semi-rigid 0.020". Just to be clear on what you're getting this is high quality flexible heat shrink, but not the super heavy stuff. Perfect for most applications.

A customer from Los Angeles, CA USA
HANDY in the workshop
Great value, has a place in any shop, lab, garage, or hobby room. Worth adding to an order even if you don't think you need it now.
My only regret is, we use up the large sizes quickly, every time.
EDITORS NOTE: We have 4" lenghts of most sizes which can be cut to refill the assortment.

peter springer from peter from chico now in BC
excellent value. price comparison with large quantity
As a math exercise, I compared this with the cost of buying the 6 sizes in the larger quantities. If I use the 4 foot sections sold at ALL electronicsl, this quantity is worth $18.49! If I use the 100 foot roll price as my comparison, it is worth $8.00 (but in that case you would end up with 600 feet of tubing at a total cost of $106.00.
so this is a very good deal and comes with a sorting box.