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Product Description
• High-brightness red LED indicator lamp assembly
• 5mm diameter diffused LED
• 10mm diameter chrome bezel
• 8mm diameter threaded bushing with mounting hardware.
• Operates on any DC voltage when appropriate resistor is connected. See our LED Hook-up guide for appropriate resistor
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Customer Reviews (2 Reviews)

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Great LEDs

Reviewer: from MO

I bought red green and amber.

The included mounting nuts required 3 different size wrenches to tighten them.

Note my green LED was much brighter than the others

The assumed 2 volts and .02 amps worked good for red and amber.

To get the green about the same brightness the current was reduced to .0026 amps.

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Sharp and bright!

Reviewer: from Houston, TX USA

These look great and the LED is bright!It makes a project look sharp! Would have given 5 stars, but, a little pricey... KD5BIH

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