CAT# INV-1011

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King-Core #HY-1011.
Inverter for LCD backlight. 90 x 16 x 6mm.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Santa Barbara, CA USA
5V managed/protected inverter
This inverter only runs on 5 VDC and will refuse to turn on at any other voltage. To get it running, tie DIM and VON to +5.

This inverter has a bunch of protection circuitry. Experimentation shows it'll only drive a load within a certain range, probably to stop laptop users from zapping themselves. I got it to reliably drive a cockroft-walton multiplier for an air ionizer, but if I touch either side of the output the inverter shuts down.

Dave from NY
I cant get this to work. Anyone else? I applied power and got nothing. i tried playing with the input pins (DIM and VON/OFF). It seems like a lot of electronics on the board for a simple inverter, especially the IC on the back.