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Infrared transmitter LED on a 6' cord. Other end is terminated with a 3.5mm stereo phone plug. Designed to provide control of a VCR from a General Instrument DCT cable box. Can be used with other infrared control devices, Xantech etc. Includes a clear plastic holder, a black plastic arm and double-sided tape for attaching the LED on or near the device being controlled.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Not a standard plug.

Reviewer: from Redwood City, CA

The plug on these is a stereo plug, not a mono like most standard IR emitters. Since the ground is at the first inner ring, it does not work on most devices that use a mono type jack. TiVos need the mono jack.

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Some hacking info...

Reviewer: from SAN FRANCISCO

For those hacking this thing: Seems to like a bit over 3 volts, applied with positive to the tip and ground to the (middle) ring of the plug. If the plug's sleeve does anything, I can't tell. Snipping into the wire, red is positive and white is ground, with bare wire as the inert sleeve. Seems like the LED has a 45 degree or so visibility.

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Time Warner DCH3200

Reviewer: from Los Angeles

I am trying to wire the infra-red blaster directly on to the front panel of the STB. (I want to hide the STB out of site and run the blaster to the TV. I want to solder in onto the 3 prongs of the existing IR receiver within the unit. This is because the unit does not have a mini PL socket to plug in the blaster. I think the STB has a TSOP21 soldered onto the board. I do not know what pins I should solder the Red White and unshelieded wire to. Any ideas?

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Very good

Reviewer: from PORTLAND, OR USA

Bulky, but sticks very well and the clear plastic enclosure acts as a prism, allowing continued use of the original remote without the blaster getting in its way. Good, cheap emitter for Crestron boxes.

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