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Product Description
Xytronic Model #258. Professional soldering iron with variable temperature control in the handle. Enables user to fine-tune the iron from 250-450 degrees C (500-800 deg. F). LED hi/low temperature indicator. Comes equipped with long-lasting, chrome plated, iron clad, pretinned tip, (PL-404) 3-conductor, grounded power cord. UL listed. See PL-401, PL-404, PL-405 and PL-410 for replacement tips.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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keeps going and going

Reviewer: from MARION, IN USA

Had one for years. Checked to make sure it's the same one.
It's starting to show a bit of age (gee I wander why) so it's time to put it on my shopping list. A case of getting what you pay for.

Oh, the cord hasn't caused any issues. :-)

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Thick Cord

Reviewer: from Canada

This is my first soldering iron, and it seems to work much better than the cheap ones that my classmates use. The temperature control is a huge plus, while remaining compact enough for a tool box.
As already stated, the cord is way too thick. I'll have to make myself a new cord because the current one keeps knocking the stand off the table and burning holes in my socks... ouch!

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Excellent choice

Reviewer: from TULSA, OK US

Yes, the cord is rather heavy, but the variable heat control offsets that to me. It also seems to maintain the chosen tempature better than the average pencil type iron, close to what the "soldering stations" do. I really like mine, it even does well on SMD's. Definitely worth the money.

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Great Iron

Reviewer: from Milwaukee, WI USA

I bought this iron a year ago and shortly after that received a much more expensive Weller iron. I have to say although the cord can be quite cumbersome, it is a fantastic iron. I love that I can turn down the voltage so I can work on sensitive circuity like Xbox and PS2 modchips.

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Great Iron

Reviewer: from Anchorage, AK US

This is a great little soldering iron. The tip heats up quick, and the variable temperature adjustment works nicely. The cord is a tad on the thick and heavy side, though. Currently I have to weigh the mid portion of the cable down with a heavy battery to keep the cable from causing the iron to fall onto the floor (when it is plugged into a power bar on the ground). I'd recommend buying it with the soldering stand available here at (CAT# 50B-205). I'll end up getting one of these with my next order.

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