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Velleman # VTSS5U. Variable power control for temperatures of 175-480C degrees. Protective iron holder with sponge. LED power indicator. Grounded power cord. 195 x 100 x 90mm. Includes CAT# PL-50 pointed tip. Extra tips available, see our CAT#s PL-50, PL-51 and PL-52. A useful, inexpensive station if you aren't looking for precision control. See customer reviews below. CE, RoHS.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Customer Reviews (8 Reviews)

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Works as expected, but...

Reviewer: from Los Angeles, Califorina, USA

I purchased a few of these for a school I teach at and they seemed to work well first time out. The next day the students set up the soldering stations and turned up the setting all the way up. We did not use the irons for some time and when we tried to, the tips were brunt. Actually black from whatever was on them being over heated. I turned down the temperature and spent some time cleaning the tips. Not that I realize that they are not temperature controlled but wattage controlled I know exactly what happened. Just like a cheap stick iron, the element keeps heating and if it is not used the temperature will rise out of a region not good for the iron.
We now have a practice of 'warming' the irons at about half setting and turn them up to 75% when in use, then returning them to 50% when finish and waiting for the next use.

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Works great for the price

Reviewer: from Texas

Works great just dont leave it on in the holder or the plastic around the holder will melt. I do wish the colored guage also told what the temp setting was instead of just different shades of yellow orange and red. The ceramic on the tip wore down pretty quick but it still works well and way better than the old 30 watt iron i have laying around. If I had a choice to do over again I would spend the money on one of the other two soldering stations listed on allelectronics. This one is great for a hobbyist for the money. I also am in need of an iron that will go up to 800 degrees now so an upgrade is in the works.

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Great Iron for the price!

Reviewer: from Wilmington, NC USA

OK, I purchased this station simply because of the price. I figured I could get by with this until I was ready to spend more, so I didn't really expect much from it, just hoped it would do some simple soldering. Well, it may be priced low, but it has really exceeded my expectations. And I really like the fact that it heats up much faster than my old 30W.

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Not temperature regulated

Reviewer: from Vermont, USA

Essentially an iron on a light dimmer. Effective adjustment range is only the highest 1/8 of rotation.

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Great Station

Reviewer: from Indiana

I would like to say this much. This thing is not exactly what the picture says it is. Also it is a lot better the holder is all steel and this thing is tough. the only thing different is the holder and I believe that the iron is a little different also. any way this thing is great. I am very pleased.

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