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Product Description
Sharp # QH3031.
0.54" x 0.56" x 0.47" metal can with infrared receiver led and other circuitry. Similar to receiver modules found in televisions and audio equipment.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Reviewer: from ca

Here's a link to the data sheet -

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Easy to use with filtering

Reviewer: from Seattle WA USA

For my application, I am using the detector for simple on/off based on any code. Tip #1: output pin is normally high (+5), used PNP transistor circuit to invert. Tip #2: Can pick up spurious noise, especially from CFLs. An RC low pass filter removed the noise (and of course all coded output). (6.8K, 1uF). Handy little detector.

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The three pins

Reviewer: from Canoga Park, CA

I could not find a datasheet anywhere for this module. So, starting at the pin roughly in the middle of the metal casing (1): Pin 1-Vcc, Pin 2-Vout, Pin 3-GND. Pin 1 and 2 are reversed as compared to, say, a GP1U52X, which is very similar to this module.

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Here are the basic specs

Reviewer: from USA

This is a 38kHz module. The pinout can be found here:

( I'm using this module with the switch chip found at the site. )

This seems to be a very good price for a 38k IR module.

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