CAT# KP-23
$12.50 each
10 or more $11.50 each
16 button matrix-encoded keypads for indoor or outdoor use. Fully-sealed, tactile snap-dome contacts. Contacts rated 30 mA @ 12 Vdc. Ten black keys numbered 1 to 0 (and A to J). Five blue keys with up-down arrows, CLEAR, HELP and ENTER. One red key labeled 2ND. TTL, MOS and DTL compatible. 4 x 4 buttons (2.7" x 3" x 0.36"). 9-pin headers, 0.1" spacing.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Highlands Ranch, CO
Nice keypad
Very nice keypad. Top surface is a matte finish, so it won't show fingerprints and such. Buttons have a firm, tactile feedback. I'm using one combined with the EDE-1144 keypad controller IC.

A customer from FL USA
I had bought this keypad from *ameco *lectronics many years ago for $5.95. I set out to design a system around this keypad because it was so nice. By the time I was ready to order a few hundred they saw the "STAMP" people buying them up like crazy and felt they needed to raise the price. It sold for, and still is I think over $16 from them. This is a good buy. FYI I saw this exact keypad on a bunch of Slot Machines last year. I have not bought from those other guys now for years, and won't anymore.

A customer from GREENFIELD, MA US
Kepad and Encoder IC
I purchased this keypad along with the ede-1144 IC and
A Serial Interface. I assebeled all of this together in a Radio Shack enclosure with a small battery pack. plugged it into my computer and loaded a com port monitor program which displayed exactly what the encoder Ic Output diagram said.