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Product Description
Easy-to build signal generator kit. Parts are clearly marked on the pc board. Requires soldering. For assembled version of this see CAT# SGM-1

• Built on ICL8038 IC
• Frequency range: 50-5Khz
• Triangular, square and sine wave output
• 10-450Khz
• Power: 12-15 Vdc
• Footprint: 59 x 44mm
Click here for instruction sheet
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Neat little kit

Reviewer: from LONG BEACH, CA USA

Frequency coverage in two bands: 50 - 500 and 500 - 5000 Hz. Suggest purchasing HRICS-14 socket for IC cuz that's just best practice. Says it requires 12-15 volts, but works at 9 volts too. Cool little signal generator at a low price.

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