$1.00 each
10 to 99 $0.85 each
100 or more $0.70 each
CR2032. 3 volt, 180 mAh 0.787" diameter (20MM X 3.0MM).
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Average Customer Review:  (9 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Kaysville, U"T. USA
The "20 series" Lithium cells
All the 20 series cells are 20 mm in dia. They vary in thickness; the 2016 is 1.6mm thick and the 2032 is 3.2 mm thick. You might consider a larger cell if there is room in the battery compartment-it will give longer service, often @ lower cost.

A customer from Cupertino, CA
Didn't work in Braun Ear Thermometer
I bought five of these batteries, and none of them worked in my Braun ear thermometer. I bought some Energizer brand 2032 batteries from Fry's and they worked fine.

These may work okay in lower current drain applications.

A customer from Kaysville, UT. USA
Agree with Robert...
Rob's review about using the highest capacity battery is right on. I agreethat in all respects it is better to use higher cap, wherever poss esp. when it is better value-for- money. Compare CR2025 to CR 2032- both are same size, but 2032 gives 20% more cap. for same price, Renata's, (nearly same price) gives 30% more-lesser cap. means less value. Usually A/E excells in this respect; unfortunately not here...

A customer from Colorado Springs CO
Good price
Even at the lower mAH capacity noted by reviewers, these are MUCH cheaper than having to buy replacements at Radio Shack!

A customer from Northern California
Good batery. Except . . . .
Be advised that this CR3032 is pretty much a lightweight among CR2032s. Renata, for example, makes three different versions. The one made in Switzerland has a capacity of 230mAh, the one from Indonesia 220mAh, and the one from China 200mAh. I don't have capacity figures for other makers. For replacement as a computer back-up battery, it pays to get as much capacity as possible.