$5.50 each
25 or more $5.00 each
Connect two pieces of equipment with one cord. 8' cable splits to pair of 2' cables with standard IEC female ends. Frees up space on UPS systems, surge suppressors and power strips. 16 AWG 3-conductor SJT 105°C cable. UL, CSA.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from DENVER, CO USA
Excellent! Removable Plug, Longer, Heavier Gauge
I purchased several of these to power some of my parallel PSU setups. The 10ft length and 16 AWG wire make this product more versatile than many similar cables. My favorite feature is the removable plug (as opposed to the typical one-piece molded plug that most power cords have). I replaced a few of mine with various Twist-Lock and/or 240V plugs to fit my unusual applications. When I need a different plug for a different outlet... Piece of Cake! It takes 2 minutes to swap plugs. No cutting, no wire stripping, no tedious razor-blading the cable jacket, etc. Most AC plugs are a direct replacement because they all generally attach in the same fashion.