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Product Description
Seiko # G1226B1J. Led back light. Module size: 3.67" x 2.76" x 0.42" high (93mm x 70mm x 11.4mm) Viewing area: 2.78" x 1.45" (70.7mm x 38.8mm) Character size: 0.44mm x 0.44mm. Built-in RAM. Wide viewing angle and high contrast. Slim, light weight and low power consumption.
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Display working - see link

Reviewer: from North East USA

Display is working great. It does require an external negative supply for the contrast.
see this link for more info and pinout.

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Working well -8v bias is a pain

Reviewer: from West Virginia

Got it working after a bit of trouble, but thanks to the link in review below, it's working wonderfully.

It is based on a couple KS0108B chips driving the left and right half of the display which is pretty standard, but the board configuration is relatively unusual. The negative 8.3v bias is a big pain in the ass. Currently using the -12v on a computer power supply with a voltage divider to set the contrast which works ok because the current draw is like microamps.

This copied from the list in the other description.
1. Vcc (+5v)
2. Ground
3. Vlc (~-8v, LCD negative bias)
4. D0 (data bus)
5. D1 " "
6. D2 " "
7. D3 " "
8. D4 " "
9. D5 " "
10. D6 " "
11. D7 " "
12. CS1 (chip select)
13. CS2 " "
14. Reset
15. R/W
16. RS
17. E
18. Chassis ground
19. LED + Backlight (Put a 20ohm resistor maybe? @5v)
20. LED - Backlight

The easiest way I found of getting it working was to use GLCD with an arduino but I'm pretty sure there's some pic stuff out there.
(Default GLCD config for arduino seems to have the chip select backwards, so it reverses the two display halves, just reverse them physically and it seems to do fine.)

Video of it me making it draw stuff:
^ make sure ur firewall lets u see http on non standard ports :p

Giving it for stars for that stupid -8v thing

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Not working for me either

Reviewer: from TRACY, CA USA

Seiko G1226 module.
I could not find a pinout. So I reverse engineered it using a KS0108B datasheet and a multimeter. Still not working. Argh!
Oh well. It was worth a try.

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Making this work

Reviewer: from SMITHVILLE, NJ USA

I purchased 3 of these and have tried 2 of them. Neither worked. My set-up works with a Hantronix HDM64GS12L BUT not with these. Has anyone had any success in making these work?

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May have found it

Reviewer: from North East

I couldn't find specific Data Sheet for this exact model number, but did find this:

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